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Daily Round Up

According to CNBC, a Bitcoin fork called Bitcoin Cash, that is set to be created tomorrow. Every bitcoin holder will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash tomorrow, although some exchanges have chosen not to support the new spin-off of Bitcoin.

Over at CoinDesk, a simple explanation of everything a Bitcoin that user needs to know about Bitcoin Cash has been published. This is vital reading for those out of the loop on the upcoming fork.

According to CNBC, an analyst has predicted that an 80 bitcoin price surge, in addition to a doubling of the ether price over the weekend. Ronnie Moas published a full report on bitcoins over the weekend.

According to CoinDesk, legal experts are those person who gives warning of an impending crackdown on various ICO token exchanges. This is in the aftermath of last week’s announcement from the SEC team regarding DAO tokens as securities.

According to Government Technology, a ransomware attack in February 2016 on the Sarasota City Hall computer system was far more severe than that originally reported.

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