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Switch to cryptocurrency via investFeed

This is a sponsored piece and We encourage thorough due diligence from our readers before acting on any given information.

InvestFeed is a New York based “community powered social trading network”. That is  making the switch from US equities to cryptocurrency. Now, Marketing itself as the “world’s first social investment network for the cryptocurrency community”, and investFeed aims to develop cryptocurrency infrastructure for the industry. These are the much-needed framework ready for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

There are pivot to digital currencies is described as a key move to cater to an exponentially growing industry, “We are social investment platform since 2014 and over the last few months we’ve had a huge demand from our user-base to integrate cryptocurrencies onto our platform… We really see that [cryptocurrencies] are the future going forward,“ said Ron Chernesky, investFeed CEO on the live Post-Cable Network, Cheddar. Keeping the momentum and buzz all over the token sale up, last week ex-NFL football player, Jovan Haye,  as an investor as well as emerging technologies and blockchain-focused VC entrepreneur, Steven Neryaoff, as an advisor on the investFeed team.

On the point of corporate interest, one of Crypto Insider’s recent pieces noted that there was huge increase in cryptocurrency attention from the “Big Four” accounting firms. Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC reps all stated that “both existing and prospective clients are beginning to ask questions about initial coin offerings (ICOs), the process by which public blockchain technologies can be leveraged to create custom cryptocurrencies that are subsequently sold to fund projects.” With investFeed’s platform supporting cryptocurrency trading infrastructure, it has the potential to appeal to big enterprise looking to jump into the market.

CTO Drew Freeman was quoted on Finextra to have said, “The switch from equities to cryptocurrencies will also target a millennial user base that has shown disinterest in traditional investments.” So while the big movers of the corporate world are turning their focus to the crypto market and enterprise-facing players, investFeed has the potential to also capture the attention of the sizable youth demographic, empowering them through the decentralization featured in blockchain technology – capitalizing on the best of both worlds in the process.

Having been involved in US equities trading since 2008, one thing that can be said for investFeed is that their team has a track record of operating as a cohesive unit – which is in sharp contrast to the majority of token sale groups capitalizing on the ICO bandwagon. The platform will introduce old-school and traditional stock traders to the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency market investment in a familiar way through the investFeed skin and tools.

Despite the ICO craze slowing down, investFeed has a high possibility of reaching its target – they have a solid track record, a detailed whitepaper and a reasonable hard cap at 28,000 ETH. At the time of publishing, investfeed has raised 35% of its limit, and has until August 7th, 2017 when the sale closes out.

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